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Nigerian Muslim condoles with christians world -wide over Death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.


Following the announcement of the passing of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI on Saturday at the age of 95,

A Team of Muslim scholars headed by mallam Gambo Abdullahi barnawa paid a new year visit to pastor yohanna buru’s house as they used the opportunity to extend their condolences greeting over the Death of Pope .

According to mallam gumbo, they visited pastor yohannas house to wishes him happy new year 2023 while also using the opportunity to immensely extend their condolence greetings to Christian all over the world over Death of the Pope Benedict XVI

While stressing that the Pope is a Noble,gentil, and Kind person.

He said (Pope was a man of peace .unity and harmony which makes him unique )

Adding that he spend his life praying and preaching peace all over the globe while promoting tolerance and forgiveness to all mankind irrespective of tribe, culture, religion race and ethnicity background .

(the world cannot forget the contributions of the Pope Benedict XVI preaching peace,love, tolerance and forgiveness among all mankind)

Gumbo offered his “deepest condolences to Catholics and others Christian Clergies around the world who were inspired by his life of prayer and tenacious commitment to non-violence and peace

He further said that Benedict “was a spiritual guide to millions around the world and one of the leading academic theologians of all time that the world cannot forget ”.

” I saw him in many Arabs and Asian countries with top Islamic scholars ,Christians and world leaders preaching peace ,harmony and forgiveness ”

“the world would never forget him for his marvelous contributions towards promoting peacebuilding and interreligious tolerance for world peace ”

Gambo ended by saying “may his gentil soul rest in peace ”

Similarly, an interfaith specialist in Nigeria hajiya ramatu Tijjani who is equally the national president foundation for the protection of women and children in Nigeria has joined world leaders to pay tributes to the late Pope Benedict XVI, who passed away on Saturday, December 31, 2022,

Adding that the world has lost a great leader and who teaches many people across the globe the importance of tolerance and forgiveness

She applauded the Pope for his massive contributions towards promoting interreligious and world interfaith mediation and dialogue as a solution

She wishes Christians all over the world happy new year and condoles with Christians over the death of the pope

Responding pastor yohanna, the general overseer of Christ evangelical and life intervention ministry sabon Tasha kaduna thanks the Muslims for coming to greet them at new year 2023.

He encouraged Muslim and Christian to always live in peace and harmony

While encouraging each and every one to always remember that we are one family Under God

” from Adam and eve ”

“we have holy Books sent from one God :

He expressed happiness over the visit and urged them to keep preaching peace and unity in the Communities

“May he rest in Christ’s peace and rise in glory with all the Saints.”

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