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PDP Lost National Ex – officio, Magaji Alhassan (Boss)

The information we are getting from Zaria local government in Kaduna State confirms that Magaji Alhassan who is nicknamed (Boss) has left the People democratic party (PDP)

He explained his departure in a letter he wrote to the Acting Chairman of the PDP in his constituency of Kwarbai in Zaria, and another letter he wrote to the acting  National Chairman of the PDP which he sent to the National Secretary General in Abuja. Wadata Plaza, telling him that he has left his ex-officio position representing Kaduna State.

In a letter to the acting national chairman of the PDP Magaji said “resignation as national ex- officio representing Kaduna state, with effect from 5/10/2023, it was copied to the chairman of PDP Kaduna state, to the chairman PDP Northwest zone and to the acting chairman of Zaria Local Givernment PDP”, all contained in Magaji Alhassan popularly called (boss).

“Resignation and withdrawal of membership from people’s democratic party”, that is according to Magaji Alhassan to the acting chairman of Kwarbai ward in Zaria local government.

” Attached is my membership card duely returned, effect from 7/10/2023″.

Magaji Alhassan also sent to the state chairman of the PDP in Kaduna State and the chairman of the PDP in the North-West zone and the Acting chairman of the PDP in Zaria Local Government to all of them Magaji Alhassan revealed that sent this letter to inform them that he decided to leave the party.

And we have seen the letter that was sent to all these leaders from the constituencies, the local government, the state, the North-West zone and the whole country to emphasize his departure from the PDP, and we have evidence that they have received the letter.  some even used the stamp head as proof that the document was received and some leaders signed the name of the person who received the document.

So far, the information we have gathered is that at least more than three thousand groups have defected from the party where they have all left the PDP because of their loyalty and showing respect to Dallatun Zazzau Alhaji Dr. Muktar Ramalan Yero  , who is the former Governor of Kaduna State but currently has left the PDP party, as a result of which many of his supporters are leaving to show support and be with their landlord in the PDP so they also left.

Just as you can see from the documents written by Magaji Alhassan.

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