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Tambuwal Is Capable To Be A Minority Leader – Atiku Yabo

if one may ask, why are some elements in the majority party and their collaborators  desperate to control the leadership of the Minority parties in the Senate?
Contrary to the way that many people are trying to bring or speak their words about the suitability of Senator Aminu Waziri Tambuwal from Sokoto State to be the Minority Leader in the Tenth Senate that was sworn in at the moment to serve all Nigerians as a parliament.  It is a place that contains the representation of the entire Nigerian community, adults and children, men and women, with the aim of having effective laws that will ensure the continuity of the nation as a whole.
It is based on these reasons that the Honorable Atiku Muhammad Yabo, from Sokoto State is trying to make the whole world aware of the goodness and quality of Senator Aminu Waziri who has been the Governor of Sokoto State for eight years and the people of the State have achieved remarkable progress.
They never imagined or expected to get it, but with the good heart of Senator Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, it happened and now many people of the state are celebrating day and night and are proud to tell the world.
In an article that Atiku Muhammad Yabo shared with the press in Nigeria, he clearly stated that the efforts and contribution of Aminu Waziri Tambuwal to the development of the country will not be appreciated and forgotten throughout the world.
For example, the contribution he made when he was the Speaker of the Federal Assembly, whether this reason is enough for Senator Aminu Waziri Tambuwal to be commended for doing everything he did, he took the job with the will of the country to move forward.  As a result of the long Dakar that he did, Aminu Tambuwal got a great challenge because he just wanted to work for the people.
In the same way, Tambuwal’s efforts to make Nigeria a united country for everyone, with such good deeds have led Santa Aminu Tambuwal to become a prominent person that the people are proud of in the country and even become a leader in  between leaders.
This also gave him the opportunity to make great efforts until he became the General Director of the campaign for the presidential candidate under the shadow of the PDP party, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, and even here the work he did well paid the soap price based on the acceptance and  the victory in the 2023 election.
It is appropriate for the people to know that giving full cooperation and support to Senator Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, who has become the majority leader in the 10th Senate, is the solution for the federal country of Nigeria to achieve success and progress that everyone will be proud of.  he.
It is cleared that those that manufactured, sponsored,  desperate,  irresponsible, and generally distasteful stories planted by people with inordinate ambition to stiffle the voices of opposition and future accountability in the 10th Senate.
That the agents have zeroed that, His Excellency, Senator Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, CFR as their problem and nothing more.
As a patriotic and true Democrat Senator Tambuwal is equal to the task to be in the position of minority leader for a single reason that even PDP as a party need him in view of his contributions that move the party to the level that even those that did nothing are now coming to clame ownership as PDP members.
That is why we are calling on the actual PDP members to look beyond the pronouncements that some are moving round with, because PDP is a party base on truth and democratic ideals.
Tambuwal is the person that Sokoto state people will never forgotten due to the democratic benefits that are all over the state, in health, education,Agriculture and the rest of the sectors in just eight years that he Governed the state.
But at the appropriate time, the question one should ask is, Who betrayed who? that they have consistently tried to pin on him, the issue of betrayal of some of his friends because of the patriotic role he played during the PDP National Convention. We can not hold brief for Tambuwal now.
Tambuwal had shown interest in the PDP presidential nomination long before some people suddenly appeared on the since and expected him to drop out for them just because they believed that they had more financial resources than him, whether they had better programmes for Nigerians didn’t matter, that is according to what people are thinking.
Tambuwal has shown himself to be a team player and a responsible and sophisticated leader with bright ideas on the development of Nigeria as a nation, that is why we are saying if he became the minority leader at the senate all must benefit.
Aminu Waziri Tambuwal didn’t betray the PDP or the nation in his 8 years as Sokoto State Governor.
His colleagues trusted him with leadership of the PDP Governors Forum, An office he handled with distinction, in fact, at a time, the Forum became the only true voice of constructive opposition in Nigeria, always he was bringing in workable solutions to Nigerian problems. Did he betray PDP then, of course not.
 why did they do that. Because they saw in him the critical leadership qualities for nation building. He did not allow or participate in many anti people and anti democratic proposals at the dying days of the last administration.
So why are they afraid of Tambuwal? Are they worried that he may become a stumbling block to alleged plot for complete dictatorship in Nigeria?
“Are they afraid that he might mobilise his colleagues to say no to certain anti people policies being foisted on the Nigerian nation?
Are they afraid that he is not corrupt and has not soiled his hands in what ever is questionable.
According to the National Assembly, a Speaker outranks a Senator. As a former speaker, he has the ranking and qualifications to become the Minority leader of the 10th Senate.
Tambuwal is a parliamentarian per excellence, became a strong defender of the prerogatives and institution of the legislature, which there is no two ways about it.
A strong and tested advocate of the independence of the legislature and a strong believer in combining this independence with a constructive role to ensure deliverance of democratic windfalls for the people.
 Hon. Atiku Yabo and the statement revealed that “we counsel the newly elected President of the Senate not to allow people to destabilise the Senate by dabbling into the Minority leadership issue of the 10th Senate but to concentrate instead in assisting Mr President  deliver sound legislation and good policies to ensure good governance in Nigeria at this critical period of change and renewal.

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