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Yelutide celebration: Hundreds of Muslims Unite with Christians in Kaduna church for Joyous Christmas Service.


As the world celebrate christmas,In a heartening demonstration of unity, hundreds of Muslims from across Northern Nigeria joined Christians in Kaduna church for Christmas services, fostering love ,peace and reinforcing ties between the two communities.

Expressing gratitude for the overwhelming participation, Pastor Dr. Yohanna Buru, the General Overseer of Christ Evangelical and Life Intervention Ministry, acknowledged the presence of over seven hundreds Muslims from various Northern states during the christmas service.

Despite cold weather , scarcity of naira,insecurity challenges and high transportation costs, Muslims, including women and children, traveled from seven Northern states to attend the 12th annual Christmas morning service.

This tradition signifies a shared celebration of love, understanding, and religious tolerance.

Representatives of diverse Muslim sects, including Tijjaniya, Shiite, Kadriyya, and Sunni, presented a considerate gift to the church, symbolizing their commitment to peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance.

“We meticulously counted attendees, hailing from Kano, Katsina, Bauchi, Abuja, Plateau,” Pastor dr Buru noted.

Buru said, for the past 12 years we have been celebrating christmas together in this church with our muslim brothers who.usually came from different states of northern nigeria.

We are also thanking all journalists that has been covering our annual christmas ceremony in the country

Last year saw a notable shift, with more Muslims attending the church service than Christians, indicating a growing trend of inclusivity.

Pastor Buru highlighted the commonality between Christians and Muslims, recognizing shared teachings from the Bible and the Qur’an that guide both communities towards peaceful cohabitation.

“We must remember that we are created by One God, and we are the children of Adams and Eve, and we both have our holy scriptures (Bible&Qur’an) from One God which guided us on how to live in peace and harmony with each other”.

However, Pastor Buru expressed concern about escalating insecurity, daily bloodshed, banditry, kidnapping, and ethno-religious killings affecting the Northern region.

He emphasized the adverse impact on education, agriculture, and the economy, urging collective efforts to address these challenges.

The christian cleric pointed that the church cannot forget the annual contribution to a muslim woman Hajiya Ramatu Tijjani ,who always doles out gift to the church widows and orphans with the aims of sthrenthening peace and religious tolerance in kaduna and some part of the.nirthern states.

Representing various Muslim sects, Sheick Ibrahim Musa from.hayin kogi ,igabi local.government kaduna expressed joy at joining Christians in celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

He emphasized solidarity between Muslims and Christians, considering them fellow brothers and sisters in humanity.

Sheik Musa thanked the church for its hospitality and appreciated Pastor Buru’s efforts in promoting unity among different faith-based organizations.

Sheik Musa clarified that attending the Christmas service does not make him a Christian but reflects a commitment to strengthening the relationship between Christians and Muslims for lasting peace and unity.

In conclusion,he said pastor Dr yohanna buru has been attending annual maulud celebration to poster peace and unity in the country.

That has promote tolerance and better understanding.

“we are here to say hallo christmas and new year in advance.”

“please pray for peace and unity”

Also responding, the national president of beyoung the borders of disability in nigeria comrade Rilwanu Abdullahi expressed happiness for able to join the christians to mark this year christmas
toward celebrating the birth of the jesus christ

He said, we are one family under God ,and every muslim believed in jesus christ

We will keep praying for peace and unity.

Also commenting, hajiya wasila adams from a non governmental organization leaway peace and human right foundation of nigeria says, peace is all we want and that is why we are here to spead the message of peace and unity in the country

We are brothers and sister, therefore we are to promote peace

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