It is now common knowledge that the Administration of His Excellency Sen.
Uba Sani is both magnanimous and pro-poor particularly in its approach to the
vexed issue of land administration.
This stand was amply demonstrated by the decision to formally regularize vast
expanse of government areas variously encroached upon by communities and
As a matter of fact, a total of 19 area regularisation layouts have been approved
by Governor Uba Sani as duly announced by Kaduna State Urban Planning
and Development Authority (KASUPDA).
These approved layouts for the
regularisation include among others
NITR, (Unguwan Rimi),NAFDAC,
(Narayi), Chanchangi, Sabon Tasha, Oil Village, Mahuta, Danbushiya
(Millennium City), Sabon Gida, (Millennium City) Gidan Daji, (Millennium
City), Danhonu1, (Millennium City). Others are: Unguwan Maigero1, Stello,
(Sabon Tasha) NITEL(Television, Babban Saura, (Kamazou), Chanchangi,
(Kinkinau), Maigero 2, (Kamazou), Buwaya, Gonin Gora, Gbagyi Villa,
Tsohon Kamazou, Kamazou, and Sterling, (Mando) respectively.
In this most challenging period, the steps taken by the Governor are visionary,
salutary, business-friendly and should be applauded by all and sundry.
Having to carry extensive demolition of dwellings, business premises of all
kinds and other valuable structures would have led to unmitigated social
dislocation of uncommon proportion, multi-billion Naira losses in business
ventures and substantial increase in banditry and other social vices on account
unemployment and ultimately a negative impact on the GDP of Kaduna State.
Against the foregoing, we appeal to Community Leaders and all stakeholders
in all the communities that benefited from this laudable initiative to quickly
mobilized their residents to reciprocate the kind gesture of the State Governor
by immediately and massively taking steps to perfect planning permissions
and other official documentation involved against prompt payment of required
dues within the given timeframe.
 This is to avoid being penalized in line with extant provisions of the law as the relevant authorities have already put in place measures to facilitate the process of regularisation in a most affordable
As we, in KADCCIMA, continue to appreciate and felicitate His Excellency
the Executive Governor of Kaduna State over his landmark decision, we
hasten to appeal to him to revert to the well-established forward planning
taking into cognisance the perennial tendency to sidestep provisions of Land
Use Act for residential, agricultural and commercial use.
Going forward along this line, steps must be taken to effectively resist undue
pressure from land grabbers and avoid disproportionate plot allocations to the
rich and the mighty to the detriment of the customary land owners.
In this regard and after this regularisation is completed, we suggest that the
State Government should fully adopt forward planning and ensure that as
cities in the State expand, appropriate layouts should be developed with the
complement of necessary infrastructures.
As such, allottees will be charged development levies commensurate with
what is offered while accrued revenue therefrom applied to fund new
infrastructure and to defray other associated costs.
This way, a revolving fund will be created to ensure sustainability of the business model.
Finally and as the lead of the business community in the State, we wish to
reassure His Excellency Sen. Uba Sani of our support and readiness to partner
with the State Government in order to deepen the Public-Private Partnership
in the State.
 Esv. Ishaya Idi, fnivs
 (12th January 2024)

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