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Addressing Almajiri School Challenges: NGO Engages Tsangaya School Owners 


By; Ahmad Aminiya

In a concerted effort to tackle the challenges facing Almajiri schools in Northern Nigeria, the Haske Peace Development Initiative (HPDI) organized a pivotal meeting with Tsangaya school owners in Kafanchan, Jema’a Local Government Headquarters, Kaduna state, North Western Nigeria. The aim was to identify pressing issues and formulate grassroots solutions.

The Program Manager, HPDI, Ilyasu Musa, facilitated an open dialogue to comprehend the intricate challenges plaguing Almajiri education. Issues such as food shortages, water shortages, lack of financial and social support from various stakeholders, including parents, charity organizations, and all tiers of government, were underscored.

The gathering emphasized the vital role of creating secure environments for Almajiris and out-of-school children, recognizing this as a cornerstone in addressing community insecurities.

In his welcome address, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Auwal Ibrahim Shehu, highlighted HPDI’s commitment to realizing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), underscoring the organization’s dedication to holistic societal development.

As the meeting culminated, HPDI pledged concrete action points. They committed to installing boreholes in identified areas, addressing the crucial issue of access to clean water. Additionally, HPDI unveiled plans to establish a structured admission system for Almajiris into local Tsangaya schools, aiming to formalize the process and enhance educational standards.

Furthermore, HPDI vowed to pursue collaborative efforts, seeking partnerships, sponsorships, and support from both governmental and non-governmental entities. This multi-pronged approach signifies HPDI’s unwavering dedication to effecting meaningful change in the Almajiri education landscape, underscoring the importance of grassroots engagement in addressing societal challenges.

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