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Jihar Taraba na da arzikin Katako inda ake sarrafa shi wajen yin abubuwa daban daban har da kwanukan cin abinci kamar yadda zaku gani a wannan hoton

Concerned Citizen urges wealthy individuals to redirect Umrah funds to assist needy


A Concerned Citizen of Sokoto State, Alhaji Zayyanu Aliyu, has urged wealthy individuals who always travel to Saudi Arabia for the annual lesser Hajj ( Umrah),during the Ramadan fast, to redirect such funds to assist the less privileged persons.

This should be done as the annual Ramadan fast has just commenced and these acts of philanthropy cannot come at a better time than now.

” It is also timely as the raging global Coronavirus Disease Pandemic ( COVID-19),has compounded the already aggravated economic situation in the nation, just like other parts of the world.

” Thess invaluable acts of charity should now be replaced with the annual Umrah, as the Saudi Arabian authorities have banned the lesser Hajj, sequel to the Pandemic,”Aliyu, added.

According to him, the gesture would make tremendous impact in turning around the fortunes of the less privileged persons in the country and cushion the toll the pandemic has taken on the socioeconomic lives of Nigerians.

Aliyu also lamented that, the pandemic,. occasioned by some of the measures taken to stem it’s tide , like the lockdown¬† and restriction of movement, among others, have further pauperized most of the citizens of the country.

Aliyu said,” let these wealthy faithfuls who usually travel for the annual lesser Hajj, during the Ramadan fast, should now dedicate some per centage of the money, to assist the less privileged persons with assorted food items and other dire needs of the people .

” Some of the funds can also be channelled to purchasing the direly needed Personal Protective Equipment for the frontline health workers working round the clock to treat the COVID-19 positive patients, as well as those working in the various Isolation and testing centres.

” These all important equipment include bio-hazard suits, face masks , hand gloves and protective goggles, among others.

” These proposed acts of philanthropy would equally attract more rewards from the almighty Allah, just like the lesser Hajj do, if not more than it.”


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