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GIDADO IDRIS GCON 15th of April 1935  to 15th December  2017

15th of April 1935  to 15th December  2017


Love leaves a memory no one can steal, but death leaves a memory no one can heal.

It’s sad to know that my dad left us exactly three years ago, but again it is a loving memory for me when I think about the life of my dad & all he did for me in the short time we spent together.


The good memories remains with me forever, knowing the ability impacted by my dad into my life.


All the good things that he taught me …. An intelligent and intellectual man full of humility , always stresses the importance of education and hard work in life to become a great person.


Daddy, my heart bleeds each time I remember that you are gone, but your loving & caring fatherly role will continue lingering in my humble heart.

I don’t know where to begin, all I keep thinking is how I wish I had that “one more” opportunity to see you daddy, to hear your voice and to see you smile or even crack a joke.


You were everything to me, you did everything for us all,you were the brother that I never had. I love you dad, you were my hero.


The legacy you left us is what made me what I am today and keeps me progressing in life… You lived for others, always helping others. I’ll do my best to carry on in your footsteps.


I am happy that I’m one of your children & I’m so glad you are a grandfather for my children. Your memory will not die in me.


Thinking about the time spent together do bring smile to my face and I remember your smile also. Dad you are in my heart, and you are here in spirit even as I’m typing now.

I will always love you and miss you dad…  May Aljanna firdaus be your final  abode.

Your Loving Son
Saidu Gidado Idris MNIM

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