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Impending Disaster: Kaduna Bridge Faces Dire Threat from Erosion as Concerned Residents Seek Urgent Assistance

By Imrana Abdullahi, Kaduna North West, Nigeria


The residents of Abuja road Rigasa, Igabi Local Government of Kaduna State, Nigeria, are gripped by mounting apprehension as they witness the relentless erosion plaguing their community’s bridge. Serving as a vital artery, the bridge connects Rigasa to Hayin Dan-Mani, Mahuta, and Mando, playing a pivotal role in facilitating seamless access to transportation and vital road networks.

The deteriorating condition of the bridge has become a cause for grave concern among the residents, who express their discontent with deep worry.

Mallam Shehu Danladi, a conscientious member of the community, vocalized the collective sentiment, stating,

“The looming specter of a bridge collapse instills profound fear within our entire community. We earnestly beseech all relevant stakeholders to lend their indispensable support and urgently address this pressing issue.”

Shehu underscores the bridge’s significance in linking Rigasa with neighboring communities, enabling millions of individuals to engage in crucial business transactions and navigate their daily lives for well over a decade.

Tragically, relentless gully erosion now poses an imminent threat to the bridge’s structural integrity. Swift intervention by the state government is imperative to avert an impending disaster and safeguard the bridge from inevitable collapse. Failure to act expeditiously could sever critical connections between multiple communities, impeding routine transactions and causing substantial disruptions.

In this hour of urgent need, Shehu earnestly implores organizations such as SEMA, NEMA, the Red Cross, and other humanitarian entities to extend their invaluable assistance and come to the rescue of the beleaguered community.

Likewise, members of the esteemed African Climate Reporters, who recently surveyed the area, call upon the newly elected Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Uba Sani, to display resolute leadership and promptly extend support to the distressed residents.

The African Climate Reporters have observed with profound concern that the Rigasa community has repeatedly endured severe challenges arising from gully erosion and various other forms of environmental degradation. It is worth noting that Unguwar Kilishi, situated within the Igabi Local Government area, confronts a similar menace of gully erosion, imperiling hundreds of homes in its vicinity.

Given the gravity of the situation, the African Climate Reporters passionately implore the government to utilize the ecological fund and extend comprehensive support, addressing the pressing concerns and mitigating the deleterious environmental degradation gripping the area.

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