The Jigawa state chairman Kautal Hore, a Fulani cultural association, Alhaji Umar Kabiru has described Jigawa state under the leadership of Governor Muhammad Badaru Abubakar as the most peaceful in Nigeria.
Addressing the general assembly during the annual congregation of Norther comrades movement of Nigeria in Kaduna, Alhaji Umar Kabiru, narrated that “it will interest you to note that in a biggest among the African countries, that is Nigeria we are happy to announced to the general public that is only Jigawa state that is the most peaceful state”, Umar said.
Umar Kabir, said that Kautal Hore, as an association under his leadership promised to support the administration of Governor Badaru Abubakar to achieved the desired golds with an intention to move the country forward.
“The association will continue to support government policies and programmes of the Jigawa state Government with an intention to take the state to the promised land”, Umar Kabiru added.
During the event, 2022 Leadership and security summit, with the theme, Key Factors Escalating insecurity; Role of leaders and pragmatic solutions, Umar Kabiru revealed that ” As enshrine in the Nigerian constitution 1999 as amended, every citizen has freedom of movement and to settle anywhere within the country in peace and harmony with the host community, that is why we are always together with the peace loving Nigerians at any where without any iota of doubt”.Umar says.
Umar Kabiru further narrates that Conflict is a phenomenon that is inherent in every society, but a civilised society will emerge when it is far less susceptible to conflict and it is able to resolve its genetic factors of conflict situation with ease and fewer burdens through mediation, resolution, reconciliation and peace building in Jigawa state.
With the support of Government programmes and policies as well as the Kautal Hore principles of engagement, the association had achieved a tremendous success through its present leadership.
According to the state chairman of the association Umar Kabiru, listed eleven achievements during his presentation at the event at Arewa House in  Kaduna.
Some of the achievements includes Establish grazing reserves in consenting areas and improve livestock production and management in order to minimize contact and friction between herders and farmers.
And addressing environmental factors that are driving herders migration to Jigawa state.
Distribution of motorcycles for Fulani security guards and inclusion of Fulani Ulamas, that is Islamic scholars, in the council of Ulama, among others.
Alhaji Umar Kabiru, gave an examples on how Jigawa state Government achieved peaceful co- existence amongs it people that says, the state Government has spend millions of naira in an effort to develop the Fulani herdsmen and economically the state Government shared goats,  cows and others incentives for breeding especially for the Fulani  house wives.
The state government is building more junior Secondary schools, that is Boarding schools throughout Jigawa state, providing scholarship for the Fulani girl child education, and many more, with the aimed of addressing most of the issues affecting the Fulani Herdsmen in Jigawa state.

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