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Limb Loss Day 2024: Millions of Nigerian amputees face soaring prosthetic costs, highlighting artificial legs’ high expenses



The exorbitant prices of artificial legs and other prosthetic limbs are causing concern among patients, particularly as the world celebrates International Limb Loss Day Today.

Comrade Rilwanu Abdullahi, the National President of the Association of Persons with Physical Disability (NAPWPD) in Nigeria, emphasized the urgent need to raise awareness among the general public about the factors contributing to the increasing number of amputees in the country.

These factors include daily road accidents, cancer diseases, and industrial accidents.

He made these statements during a Sallah Get-together and Zumunci gathering aimed at promoting unity and togetherness among members at the Rehabilitation Board in Kaduna.

During the Sallah Get-together, Comrade Rilwanu Abdullahi highlighted the importance of using such occasions to bring awareness, education, hope, and encouragement to those living with limb loss and their supporters. Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month is celebrated worldwide to recognize amputees and provide them with opportunities to live without limits.

The purpose of these Sallah events is to strengthen unity among all clusters of persons with disabilities and to raise awareness about the unique challenges faced by those living without limbs.

Additionally, the focus is on drawing attention to the importance of limb loss prevention in health and safety practices.

Comrade Abdullahi mentioned that the cost of purchasing walking aids aimed at assisting amputees is extremely high, forcing many to resort to using makeshift tools like sticks ,wood from trees to walk on the streets.

“The cost of artificial limbs in Nigeria and Africa is exorbitant, necessitating support from governments, wealthy individuals, and corporate organizations to assist patients,” he stated.

“Not all amputees can afford artificial limbs due to their scarcity and high costs, which is why we are calling for help from all stakeholders,” he added, emphasizing the worries of patients and persons with disabilities regarding the high costs.

“The high cost of the dollar has also impacted the supply of artificial limbs from abroad,” he further noted.

According to him, causes for amputation may include diseases such as peripheral vascular disease, diabetes, blood clots, osteomyelitis, as well as accidents and conflicts related to various socio-political factors.

He explained that the high cost of artificial limbs is due to the customization required for each individual, considering factors such as age and specific needs.

Losing a limb can have profound physical and mental effects on individuals, with more than 80 percent of amputees experiencing chronic pain that can be as debilitating as the original injury.

Comrade Abdullahi called on wealthy individuals to support amputees by providing them with artificial limbs.

Similarly, the State Chairman of Persons with Disability, Comrade Suleman Abdulaziz highlighted the importance of annual Sallah gatherings in promoting education and inclusion among members in the state.

He urged state and federal governments to include persons with disabilities in all aspects of human endeavors, stressing their desire to be involved in activities related to the development of the state.

Furthermore, he emphasized the need for more assistance for the mental anguish experienced by amputees due to limb loss.

“we want to be inclusive in every thing related to peace,Development and success in. Kaduna and nigeria”

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