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Prof. Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo Founder MAAUN Group : A Leader Per Excellence

By Ibrahim H. Tinja
At a season like this when Allah (SWA) answers His servants’  prayers. It’s necessary for us to pray and appreciate  Prof Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo who made a lot of sacrifice by impacting in us to ensure that we made it in life and become useful in our society.
He utilized his mission to ensure each of his student reached their full potential in life.
On behalf of  the 2018 graduates  set,  we prayed that  Allah (SWA) continue to guide you, protect you and shower His infinite blessings upon you and your wealth of experience.
I would like to extend  heartfelt thanks to you for being a great mentor, a visionary leader who understudy  a person and caused him to realise his dream.
Your commitment at ensuring our success and value through your impacted knowledge is highly appreciated.
You guided us through many difficult decisions in our career, which might hindered us and we couldn’t have reached our full potential without your God given wisdom which you invested on us.
Thank you for putting our toes on the path of greatness and showing us what it means to be a great and successful leaders who guide others.
  I attribute much of  our successes in life to your kind and meekness in handling and nurturing us to what we are to your unrelentingly efforts.
Indeed great boss you are,  valuable asset you are, amiable leader you are, and a giant mirror others copy and catapults them to greatness in life.
We want to let you know that your hard work and determination don’t go unnoticed.
We valued and cherished  the efforts you put to make sure that we  become good ambassadors.
To said a little about Icon of our time.
Prof. Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo, with vision in his eye.
 A worthy ambassador per excellence whose zeal is to impact wisdom onto others. He admonishes the downtrodden to be lifted in his capacity and ability, a lover of Education in all ramification.
Guiding with grace, he clinches the helm, as  President of MAAUN group of universities. His efforts earned him the enviable position.
With a bold vision and aspirations, he charts a new course for learning from Nigeria’s shores to America’s expanse. Education blossoms under his advance.
Under his leadership, knowledge finds its voice, echoing through each student’s choices.
A beacon of hope, a scholar profound per excellence, a man with a gold heart who delights in other people’s uplifting at all time.
In his stewardship, excellence is found, love is found and togetherness is noted in his daily live.
With dedication firm and a sincere heart he guides the future, year by year.
In the MAAUN Group,Prof. Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo’s legacy will always ring bell in the annals of  history of the education sector.
His unparalleled work in the university has brought the institution to limelight as just recently  Maryam Abacha American University (MAAUN) Niger-Maradi is ranked the best  private university in Niger Republic by AD Scientific Index 2024. All thanks Prof. Gwarzo’s ebullient efforts in taking the school to a greater heights.
So let us raise our voices high in praise of the leader who reaches for the sky to better the lots of upcoming Youths for a better tomorrow, and crave for a better and prosperous nation that we can be proud to call ours.
For in his tenure, may brilliance ignite Education’s flame forever alight.
Our prayers for you is that Allah who have been sustaining you will not forsake you, increase your wisdom and enrich you in all strata of life. Amin.
Taqabal Allahu Minna wa minkum
May Allah accept all our Ibadah and answer all our prayers. May He show us many more successful ones to come.
Eid Mubarak

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