When I got admission into ABU Zaria in August 1986 for my A’levels and later a Degree in Geology, on my first Visit to ABU bookshop to buy some books, I came across a book Written by Franzt Fanon containing his famous quotations,


such as “Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit in with the core belief.”


“Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfil it or betray it.


My generation, as represented by the hard-working governor of Zamfara state, Hon. Bello Mohammed is working assiduously to prove that the leader expectation of this generation and that he is certainly not willing to betray it.


The unfolding security challenges and threats in Zamfara state no doubt calls for an urgent, unrestrained and collective support of every patriotic indigene of the state and even beyond. I noted this with a high degree of responsibility to call on any other factors or disposition that may undermine or want to undermine the ongoing peace efforts of the Executive governor of the state.


No doubt the insecurity in the state is taxing, it had taken a great toll on the resources of the state, and further limit the ability of the state government to maximally serve the people to the utmost of their ability in bringing the dividends of democracy to the people. This ought not to be so.

Much effort is being made to contain the ravaging security challenges and banditry in Zamfara state.


Every hand must thus be on deck to fully and truthfully support the aspiration of the state government to ensure a robust and unassailable security and safety of the state as well as those of life and property, so that the state can return to its glorious days.


This will also have a translative and positive effect on the economy of the state. One must thus give credit to His Excellency, The Executive governor of the state, Dr Mohammed Bello Matawalle for his untiring effort and determination to partner with the federal government so as to put an end to the ravaging banditry that has turned our dear state into a wanton killing field.


While we are comforted and encouraged by the efforts and goodwill of many who work to ensure peace in the state, we are much concerned and perturbed by the deliberate attempt to undermine all the gains made by this administration regarding the issue of armed banditry. Sadly, there are some elements that have refused to see the gains made in all the negotiations as well as the peace process.

They have decided to take the path of ignominy, spreading fake news and spewing hate responses, that continue to threaten the peaceful coexistence in the state.

They have decided to spread unverified, unsubstantiated fake news. For every patriotic element in the state, we urge you not to relent in your support for the peace effort of this administration.


For those who are bent on undermining the state, we call for restraint, or desist, as all our actions have reward here on earth and hereafter. The cost of such an adventure is telling on the state. Fake news or hate peddling, for what ever reason has a tendency to create fear, lawlessness and tension in the state. It undermines all efforts targeted at development thereby reducing the gains of good governance. It foists poverty on the people and breed intolerance.

Spreading fake news is against all ethics of all religions in the world as it is akin to murder.

Sadly, some unscrupulous elements in the state have continued to negativity unleash the social and uncommon media platform to spread fake news. Little incidents are enlarged and fabricated as conflicts. An ordinary rumour is mischievously amplified as a real incident. The report on Tunga Baushe village in Ruwan Tofa of Maru Local government area is one case of such and should be disregarded as the entire report was a fake news, orchestrated to create fear and tension in the state.

We call on the federal government to continue to support efforts to address banditry in Zamfara state and even beyond. We Call on the state government not to relent in its efforts to address the challenges of insecurity in the state. We strongly commend the cooperation and support given to all security agents as this will go a long way to boost their ability to be proactive the more in the campaign. We call on all good people of the state to remain law abiding and continue to support the vision and aspiration of the governor of the state. We call on all security agents to remain vigilant as they continue to work with the state government to address the challenges.

It is also pertinent to call for the deployment of technology to track and bring to justice all purveyors of fake news.

Dr Nurudeen Isah
Honourable Commissioner, Ministry of Environment and Solid Mineral

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