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Wada Maida;1950-2020 : The exit of a Quentessential Colossus

Inna lilllahi wa Inna ilaihi Rajiun, every soul must taste death. Tuesday, August 18,2020, was a day that all those in the Journalism Profession, especially the former and serving members of staff of the News Agency of Nigeria ( NAN), will never forget. It was a black day that we woke up with the sad news of the death of a Quentessential Media Guru, Media Manager, Media Administrator,Father and Mentor,late Mallam Wada Maida, who died peacefully, on Monday night, in Abuja.

The late Mallam Wada Maida was indeed an epitome of humility,piety, patriotism, generosity and professionalism. He indeed came, saw and conquered . The late Mallam Wada Maida had really impacted positively in the lives of many Journalists and non Jounalists alike.

I can vividly recall that, penultimate week,I called him on phone. ” Assalamu alaikum, Ina kwana Sir. Na Kira in yi maka barka da sallah, Kuma in Kara yi maka gaisuwar rasuwar Alhaji Ismaila Isa Funtua.” These were my words .And he replied,” nagode Bashir. Allah ya saka da alheri. Kana Sokoto ko kana Mani.” I replied,” Ranka ya Dade ina Sokoto.” I never had the minutest premonition that, I literally bade him farewell.

I was employed in the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), when he was the Editor-in-Chief of the Premier News Agency in Africa. The late Wada’s humility and anything simplicity was indeed unparalleled. His invaluable contributions to Journaism and humanity in general, will remain tangible and indelible.

As we mourn the demise of the Journalist ExtraOrdinaire, we are consoled that,the late Mallam Wada Maida had indeed carved a niche for himself,just as he has left a big vaccuum that is too difficult to fill. These laconic words will never be enough to depict the sense of loss of this Man of Honour, Vision and Misson, whose milk of human kindness was unequalled.

As the late Mallam Wada Maida was just buried this afternoon in Abuja, we are beseeching the Almighty Allah to grant him Aljannat Firdaus and give his immediate family, the NAN and Media families in Nigeria and beyond, the formidable fortitude to bear the irreparable loss. Ameeeen ya Hayyu, Ya Qayyum. Adieu, our Formidably Reliable Pillar, Father and Mentor.

Bashir Rabe Mani, Dan Masanin Mani,
Assistant Editor-in-Chief, News Agency of Nigeria (NAN),

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