By Suleiman Abbah


The new global trend leadership and management of nations is one that favours the reality that younger leaders have a significant advantage over their older counterparts which is the reason they excell faster.


The younger leaders all over the world are proved to embrace change and exhibit great skills at marketing their new ideas.


They have the courage to make difficult changes, possibly because their youthful dynamism causes them to be more optimistic about their proposals for change. They are more willing than their elders to be the champions of change.


Younger leaders also know how to get others energized and excited about accomplishing objectives and are able to inspire others to high levels of effort and production to an even greater degree than their more elderly counterparts.


Their older colleagues tend to lead by “pushing” while younger managers lead by “pulling.”
Young leaders are also extremely open to feedback. They ask for feedback about their performance more often and seek ways to digest and implement the feedback. Older leaders, in contrast, tend to be less willing to ask for and respond to feedback.


Understanding the strengths of this younger group is extremely helpful and leveraging these strengths would present a big opportunity for higher national productivity.


Virtually, if Nigerians want to hear the truth, they should be told that they will need to appoint younger leaders to fill vacancies to be left by the retirement of long-term predecessors.


It is these natural advantages coupled with a proven integrity, honesty and experience that would make the Kogi state Governor Yahaya Bello a refreshing alternative to the traditional class of Nigerian leaders who come to power illprepared or illequipped to lead except for their personal ambitions for power or quest for vendetta.


He is known to be constantly looking for innovative ways to accomplish work more efficiently and with higher quality.


Focused intently on results, Yahaya Bello has a high need for achievement and puts every ounce of energy into achieving his goals, dedicates to continuous improvement as a result of having less invested in the past, and more willing to challenge the status quo.


In contrast, Nigerian politicians who have been in leadership positions for a long period of time, have become complacent and see the status quo as sufficient.


And quiet unlike these older predecessors, Yahaya Bello, by his antecedents, will be more willing to set stretch goals and to assemble and inspire a strong team to achieve difficult tasks in contrast to the older leaders who have learned to sandbag goals so they don’t have to work so hard or run the risk of falling short.
With his ample energy and zeal,


Bello can be trusted to work for an inclusive society that provides at least the most minimal of equal opportunities for all Nigerians.


The past cannot be entirely remedied, but a future with the likes of Governor Bello can be built on a strong foundation that benefits from a flawed past.


The earlier Nigerians can address the challenges and shore up the strength to give a chance to more young leaders, the more the country will benefit.


(Abbah a journalist wrote this from Kaduna)

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