It must be emphasised that good leadership is the key that will unlock the forces of economic growth and development in the developing countries of the world and Nigeria in particular.


Any amount of resources that are utilised to accelerate the pace of our country’s development is a worthy investment capable of yielding good and huge dividends.


The present situation of this country that is well known to all is lack of good leadership. It is unfortunate to mention that more harm has been done to Nigerian economy in the hands of our leaders than any other factor.


The appointment of individuals to positions beyond their competence is caused mainly by the Nigerian factor, yet we have qualified professionals.


That is why our public utilities perform most unsatisfactory most of them, such as PHCN popularly  NEPA, Nigerian railway corporation and water Board to mention but a few, are very disappointing after Sixty two  years of independence.


I will like to mention here that it was good work ethics that built up the united states of America. The pioneers of that country were hard working. It was also love for work and of the nation that built up japan and Germany from the ashes of the first and second world wars.


Moreover, technology has made the world a small village, and successfully made the advanced countries the giant nations of the world whereas our post-independent Nigeria has become a country spinning on its head, declining from Black hope to African embarrassment, from robust purchasing power to take home pay that cannot longer take us home, from emerging economy to sub-merging economy due to disastrous economic policies.


All these have brought the nation to a situation of chaos and near despair.It is therefore the responsibility of the nigerians (come general election) to vote wisely so as to ensure the emergence of credible leaders who will efficiently and effectively utilise all types of resources(physical and human) for the upliftment of the citizens and development of this nation.


Leaders who will determine the appropriate technology required for our productivity to raise appreciably, leaders who will move the country forward.

Nigeria is our country, we have no other nation to call our own than Nigeria. This is the challenges before us.

Saidu Gidado Idris MNIM

No 5, 36 road Gwarinpa estate abuja.


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