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Adesina’s Statement Is A Lazy Response – Northern Groups

Coalition of Northern Groups has on Tuesday, slammed the presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina over the position he took on the Northern Elders Forum (NEF).
NEF had recently, took a swipe on President Buhari over the state of security in the north.
The Coalition of Northern Groups, in a statement signed by Abdulaziz Suleiman, its spokesperson, expressed shock on what it described as “the contemptuous, irresponsible and lazy response of the presidency through Femi Adesina, to the patriotic representation of the Northern Elders Forum (NEF) inviting attention to the failure of President Muhammadu Buhari to preserve the lives and properties of Northerners. ”
According to the coalition, “First, Adesina was so lazy in his response that he barely changed a word from his response to a statement released by the same NEF in February this year, correctly warning that President Buhari’s attitude to security and poverty in the North could get worse. ”
“On both occasions, Adesina had said the NEF was a bunch of irrelevant people led by Professor Ango Abdullahi, a general without an army.
This of course, to every discerning mind, only exposes Adesina’s hypocritical inconsistency by deliberately ridiculing his master, the President, in the guise of protecting his interest.”
They said the  peak of betrayal was where Adesina referred to Professor Abdullahi as a “general without troops” whereas, he only meant to mock Buhari as “an ineffective general commanding large troops and a state mandate but failing to save the people he leads from what he once personally labelled,” ragtag army.”
“What Adesina fell short of mentioning was perhaps that his boss though actually in the army and rose to the rank of Major General, was in the real sense not in any combat unit of the military; rather he served throughout in the S and T unit involved with store keeping, and catering services which perhaps explains the apparent inability to manage even the home front

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