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COVID-19: Concerned Citizen urges Nigerians to be their brother’s keeper

A Concerned Citizen, Alhaji Zayyanu Aliyu, has urged wealthy Nigerians to urgently come to the aid of their less privileged fellow citizens , by assisting them with myriad types of palliatives.

According to him, it is unbecoming, unpattirotic and unsympathetic to keep be docile and inactive, while majority of Nigerians were wallowing in abject poverty.

The call came as the raging Coronavirus Disease ( COVID-19), Pandemic has battered economies of the world, just as it has worsened the socioeconomic lives of many global citizens, including Nigerians and Sokoto State residents.

Aliyu said that , the call has become extremely imperative as the hitherto precarious economic situation of the Nigerian masses had been seriously aggravated by the Pandemic and the attendant measures taken by governments , especially lockdowns.

This obnoxious and unpalatable development, he noted, has further pauperized Nigerirans to the extent of not even affording even a meal for themselves or their respective families .

Aliyu also opined, ” the urgent and dire need to assist the Nigerian masses by way of providing assorted palliatives should not be left to the three tiers of government alone.

” This is a battle that all of us as wealthy individuals or even a person who can assist one another with a dime or a measure of food stuff, should collectively wage.

” Nigerians in the diaspora should also team up, buckle up and swiftly come to the aid of their brethren in Nigeria.”

The concerned citizen also underscored the need for the various Private Corporate Entities and Companies to swing into action and reel out many palliative packages, to alleviate the suffering of the people.

Aliyu averred: ” Those who have been blessed with wealth, corporate entities and those in the diaspora should emulate the kind hearted business moguls like the Dangote’s and the BUA’s and what they are foing to Kano in these challenging times.

” It is not that you should wait until you can contribute a billion naira or more than that, no, one can assist his or her neighbor even with a plate of food or a measure of grains.

” This is what is happening in other climes like in Europe , USA , Asia and even the Arab world, and why should we be different.?”

Alyu further stressed the need for the wealthy individuals, groups and companies to donate the direly needed Personal Protective Equipment, drugs and medicament, among other logistics,  to bolster the ardous fight against the dreaded Disease.

Meanwhile, Aliyu has appealed to the National Assembly members from Sokoto state and others holding key Federal positions, to prevail on the Federal Government, to urgently come and investigate the possible causes of the retinue of  deaths currently being recorded in Sokoto city and it’s environs, as well as other parts of the state.

Doing so, he explained, will gelp to unravel the causes of the dozens of deaths being recorded almost on daily basis, to ascertain if they were linked to the dreaded Coronavirus Disease.

” The outcome would enable the government and the various National and International Health related Organizations to do the needful, to save the lives of the residents,” he enthused.

Aliyu further prayed the Almighty Allah to repose rhe souls of the deceased, grant speedy recoveries to those infected with COVID-19 and other diseases , as well as grant formidable fortitude to the bereaved families, to bear the irreparable losses.


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