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Kano Clearing Agents Decry  Cost Increase  In PAAR By Nigeria Customs Service 

Treating To Withdraw Service at All Ports If…
The Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) Kano State Chapter  has decrie that Nigeria Customs Service of unilaterally jacking up the cost of the Pre-Arrival Assessment Report (PAAR) within a short time which is inflated the business activities in Northern part of the country.
In a press conference which took place in Kano state by the  State Chairman  Of the Association Alhaji Abdulrashid Nasidi, said  that the Customs has directed that henceforth (a) 1×20 footer duty be is now  1 million naira, (b) 1×40 footer duty rised up to 2 million naira as basic duty.
Alhaji Abdulrashid Nasidi, who is also the Chairman Abdul and Nico International company limited, explained  that NSC is forcing Nigerian traders to pay higher duties on import which eventually falls back on the final consumers.
According to him the effort is a desperation on the part of the NIgeria Customs service management team to meet up with the targets..
He said if this continued happen Nigeria will be ranking poor at this crucial time when everything is rising up.
He however said the Clearing  Agents In the Northern part of the country has reject the new increase of PAAR, adding that if this continues, the Association may not have alternative  other than to call for the withdrawal of service from the Ports as the National Body of the  association vowed.
Abdulrashid Nasidi, called on the people of Kano state especially the traders to be pertinent, saying the Association is taking bold steps to see the problem has been resolved accordingly sooner.
In a telephone interview with our reporter the Public Relations Officer (CNPRO), DC Joseph Attah said Nigeria Customs does not value containers, but the value of the goods inside them and duty rates vary in terms of percentages according to the kind of goods in the container”.
 Attah explained that duty rates can be 5%, 10% or 20% depending on the kind of goods and that if you add the 7.5% VAT, you will get a higher value.

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