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Mention name of the north west governor behind the bandits and other violent crimes – DG Media

Mention name of the north west governor behind the bandits and other violent crimes – DG Media

Imrana Abdullahi

Zamfara state Governor Bello Mohammad Matawalle has saved 344 school children in zamfara from being kidnapped in view of what happened in katsina state where over 333 were abducted recently.

The Media officer of the Governor, Yusuf Idris Gusau, was reacting to statement made by acting deputy national publicity secretary of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Yekini Nabena, alleging that a North-west governor is behind the heightened cases of banditry, abductions and other volent crimes in the Zone.

The DG Media to Zamfara Governor, in a telephone interview said even though the APC national official did not mentioned any name, he however stated that as the ruling party official, he should be able to name the north west governor behind the bandits and other violent crimes if he’s sincere and sure of his facts.

He said if APC Government is misunderstanding Zamfara State government’s Peace Accord for a deal with banditry, abductors, terrorist and perpetrators of violent crimes in Northwest, they’re making a mistake.

According to Gusau, APC is flying the allegations just to cover-up and divert attention from the reality on ground that it has failed completely to tackle insecurity challenges ravaging the country especially in northern states because it lacks the capacity.

Mr Gusau insisted that in any country that attached alot of value to human lives, zamfara Governor deserved to be given national honour, and be remembered even after death for the initiative, saying that even attacks, abduction or kidnapping has reduced drastically in the state since the governor assumed office.

The DG said “He did not mention name. If he’s sincere that what he’s saying is true, he should mention name as a ruling party. We’re just praying about the development so far happening in north west.
“The same APC Government is in power when they kidnapped daptchi girls and they were not rescued uptil now.

“Only yesterday, the chairman of the Nigeria governors forum, in company of about four other governors — Jigawa, kebbi, and that of Sokoto States, were at the governor’s residents, and encouraged him not to withdraw from what he’s doing.

“The idea is to encouraged him to do what he is doing, and that, he’s doing the right thing, because he’s doing the work for entire Nigeria, not only his state or Northwest. So I think anybody trying to bring him to this crises is not happy with the success being recorded by him”, he said.

He further said that “Since the coming of the administration, the issue of kidnapping, attacks and others violent crimes have reduced drastically in Zamfara state.

“We’re not saying there’s no attacks but it has been reduced to the minimal level”, he added.

On the call by group for arrest of the APC official, Gusau said that “was supposed to be done because when Mailafia, the former deputy gov.of CBN, accused a governor in the Northeast, the DSS invited him several times.

“And Nigeria is a country for everybody, for for APC alone but every citizens of Nigeria. So we are calling on DSS and security in Nigeria to invite the deputy acting publicity secretary of APC for questioning.

“Let him go and share more light. And what we’re calling for Nigeria, is prayers on security issue. What, APC, is trying to do is to cover their failure under the insecurity. They supposed to comend the Zamfara governor. If is a country where human beings lives are important,. wha the governor did has saved the lives of 344 school Children, he deserve a national honor.

It’s something that he’ll be recognized even after his death, DG said.

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