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Wasu daga cikin mahalarta taron karramawar kenan a lokacin Karrama Mai shari'a Inrahim Nyauri Buba da mai martaba Sarkin Gashaka

My Goal Is To Feed The World With Food  – Ibrahim Nyauri Buba

By Imrana Abdullahi, Kaduna Northwest Nigeria

Former Judge Ibrahim Nyauri Buba, Walin Mambilla, Turaki Gashaka of Sardauna Local Government of Taraba State, and the Youth Treasurer of the North, said looking at the situation in the country, his goal is to feed the world with food and not just  Nigeria.

Ibrahim Nyauri Buba, made this known shortly after receiving an award from the Northern Nigeria Association of Journalists and Magazine Publishers called “Northern Publisher’s Forum” which took place last weekend, at his farm house on the airport road, Mando, Kaduna.

He said that I welcome you to the farm (Buba Integrated farm) since I have already retired from legal work, now this is my house, everyone who knows me knows that I am Farming and Breeding.

“My dream is that we feed the world with food and not only the country of Nigeria, and now I am back to contribute in this area,” he said.

Justice Ibrahim Nyauri Buba, retired, expressed his happiness and gratitude to God Almighty for showing him such a day, which the group deemed worthy of honoring him with a medal of honor.

“Every time I am given an award, the question is, did I sing something, and if I deserve it, then I deserve it. People’s words are God’s words.”  as he explained.

The former judge Buba said therefore, I want to use this opportunity to thank His Highness Sarkin Gashaka for attending this meeting and the celebration of his son and grandson.

Also, on the one hand, the Dome Assembly magazine, called “Dome Assembly magazine” presented the retired Judge Ibrahim Nyauri Buba with an award both on that day and at that time.

While talking to the press, the daughter of Justice Bilkisu Ibrahim Buba expressed her happiness and gratitude to God Almighty for this happiness that befell her and His Highness the King of Gashaka, Dr. Zubairu Hamma Gabdo Lamido for attending the ceremony of the son  her brother.

She also added that the farm (Buba Integrated Farm) is not intended to provide food to the country, considering that Agriculture is the source of wealth and development of any country.

She said, “I am happy and proud of my father’s policy on agriculture and breeding”.

Speaking on behalf of the organizations that gave the awards,the Vice President of the Association of Publishers of Newspapers and Magazines in Northern Nigeria called “Northern Publisher’s Forum”, Dr. Sani Garba said that they gave him the award for his support to the community and his courage in managing  and justice based on honesty and trustworthiness when he carries out his duties.

Also, the honor comes after the retired Judge Ibrahim Nyauri Buba married his son at the end of the week, the meeting was attended by dignitaries, Kings, including the Emir of Gashaka, Dr. Zubairu Hamma Gabdo Lamido of  Taraba State.

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