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No telecoms shutdown in Kaduna State


The Kaduna State Government has no plans to shutdown telecoms services. It has not made such a decision, neither has it announced any such plans.

The Kaduna State Government did not reach out to any federal agency to request a telecoms shutdown, and it has not in any way ordered or effected a communications shutdown.

Residents of Kaduna State should ignore these rumours. It is fake news which some people are trying to pass off as genuine by placing KDSG logo on their false statements. It is simply not true.

Citizens should ignore the fake news. There is no shutdown of telecoms services in Kaduna State. The Kaduna State Government is transparent about security matters. Were a telecoms shutdown deemed to be necessary, that decision would have been formally announced in a properly signed statement posted on official information handles.


Muyiwa Adekeye
Special Adviser to the Governor (Media & Communication)
7th September 2021

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