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PDP Northwest Youth Leader Atiku Yabo Commends Senator Garba Maidoki

In an efforts to see the large number of people who came out in an election day and in  the morning and even under the hot sun showed their love for him by coming together to vote for him and as a result he became a member of the Senate representing Kebbi South Constituency from Kebbi State in the northern part of Nigeria.  Senator Garba Musa Maidoki, has decided to make life easier for the people by sharing food items with the aim of reducing the suffering of the poor people.


The youth leader of the PDP in the North West zone, Honorable Atiku Muhammad Yabo, expressed his complete satisfaction with the way Senator Garba Musa Maidoki is trying to bring joy and happiness to the people especially at this time of high cost of living and  the community entered into a difficult situation of life.


Atiku Muhammad Yabo, who is the  youth leader of the PDP party in the Northern zone, has further informed the community of the importance of continuing to give full cooperation and support to his PDP party and all those who are running for office.  under the party that aims to help and improve the lives of the entire community that are in the far corners of the federal Nigeria.


Of course, we who have been with the people, day and night, safe and sound, we are calling on the whole community and them in the constituency of this member of the Senate, Senator Garba Musa Maidoki, for full cooperation and support so that he can continue to have  the calmness of the community so that Kebbi State, the north and Nigeria as a whole will continue to benefit from his goodness at all times.


There is no doubt that we as members of the PDP party are satisfied with the kind of representation Senator Garba Musa Maidoki is giving to his people in the Senate because it is his efforts to ensure this.



Here are just a few of the things Senator Garba Musa Maidoki from Kebbi State is doing with the intention of making the people of Goma rich.




Here are the products that he shared recently


150 sacks of corn, 150 rice, 150 townships, that is 450 hundred sacks for each municipality.



When they reached a total of Seven (7) local governments, they raised 3,750 Bags.





In other words, being a senator who has compassion for the people, men and women, children and adults who are in this constituency and Kebbi state as a whole, we as the leaders of the party must say sambarka for being aware of the situation that the community is in.  It was the pressure of life that made Senator Garba Musa Maidoki bring emergency aid to his community.



As a result of this, we are praying to God Almighty to strengthen Senator Maidoki and continue to help Senator Maidoki to improve the lives of the people.


As the youth leader of the PDP party, Hon. Atiku Muhammad Yabo, the  Sarkin Yakin  of Yabo, I am calling on all Nigerians to continue to give their full cooperation and support to the PDP because it stands for all the policies and  the need to help the entire nation.

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