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2023: Ebonyi Indigenes Mock Umahi Over Boast To Defeat Atiku


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The Association of Ebonyi State Indigenes in the Diaspora (AESID) has expressed sadness and displeasure, even as they described as laughable, the boasting by their state governor, Dave Umahi to defeat the presidential candidate of the People Democratic Party (PDP) Atiku Abubakar, if given ticket.


Umahi, while reacting to Atiku’s victory during a visit of the NUJ and NAWOJ Presidents to Ebonyi boasted that if he clinches the Presidential ticket of the All Progressives Congress (APC), he will defeat Atiku before 12 noon of the election day.

But reacting to the remarks in a statement released on Monday in Abuja by its President, Pascal Oluchchukwu, the group described Umahi as a man “who in his unbridled desperation, would go any length to attempt to discredit anyone he feels is doing better than him both in politics and life in general.


“Though one can conclude that it is archetypal of Umahi, we are genuinely concerned that rather than congratulate Atiku Abubakar like other Governors and Statesmen from both within and outside his former party, PDP across the nation has done and been doing, an Umahi who could well be considered as the most shamming aspirant in the APC Presidential ticket race felt he could use the media to launch and launder himself before his floundering APC leaders and delegates.

“Already, we know that none of his party leaders takes him as a contender in the race for the APC ticket as he has, in his timidity never even rallied any force within or beyond his region to be so truly considered an aspirant.

“Flowing there from, we consider such an infantile boast to defeat Atiku- a very influential former Vice President whose shoes we consider extremely too big for an Umahi to untie as bizarrely unfortunate, patronizing and way too condescending for a leader in the true sense of it. For we are certain that in his masturbation for political power, even if Umahi sacrifices his kidney for the APC ticket, no sane person will yet entrust or gift an unstable character like him with the Party’s Presidential ticket.”

Oluchukwu recalled his earlier warning that Nigeria would not survive a week of Umahi’s “tyranny witnessed under his exactly Seven years dictatorial reign in Ebonyi as Governor where citizens are honestly praying for his imperious leadership to pass over them.”

While condemning the remarks credited to Umahi, the Ebonyi indigenes wondered “how would such a power monger who had long been rejected alongside all that he endorsed for the 2023 elections been wagging his mouth against a polished character like Atiku?

“For us it is really awful that apart from attacking personalities and making very empty boasts with his deceptive and cosmetic projects in Ebonyi, Umahi really has no strong issues or ideologies to campaign for his party’s ticket. But for his typical attitude of ingratitude, should Umahi who should have had his tail tucked in between his legs in shame have any reason whatsoever to speak or even stand against the PDP that has made him all he has been in life? He can only continue to delude himself in his low-sperm-count political ejaculation trajectory which Ebonyi people now better understands!

“While we condemn Umahi’s shameful and boastful misadventure, AESID congratulates the Wazirin of Adamawa, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and indeed, the entire People’s Democratic Party for successfully conducting a free, fair and credible Presidential primary- a feat the tethering ruling Party has been unable to accomplish.

“We also wish him success in his political outings and enjoin that he ignores Umahi’s rantings as that of a desperate ant who cannot even win his Ebonyi South Senatorial zone in 2023 despite hijacking the APC ticket through his surrogate’s younger brother.


“What we are certain is that despite developing a diarrhea of the mouth, Umahi will not be rewarded but hated more by the APC and the Northern establishments who have consistently shown that they respect and honour Atiku and his place cum contributions in the making of a modern day Nigeria.


“Furthermore, since Umahi is now posturing as the most incorruptible Nigerian leader in history, AESID would like to urge Atiku that, should he emerge as Buhari’s successor, he should bring Ebonyi’s fading Emperor to book to account for the billions of public funds he has stashed away and diverted through cosmetic and extremely deceptive concrete projects that has no direct impact on the lives of the common man in the State.”

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