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Arewa Joint Committee Interaction Season Not Northern People’s Mandate – ACSC


The Arewa Consultative Synergy Congress (ACSC), has frown at the recent concluded interactive season organized by the Arewa Joint Committee in Kaduna due to it lack of wide spread consultation even within their members.

In a statement Signed by Engr. Dr Harris Elrasheed Jibril Convener/Nat. President  (ACSC)  made available to news men revealed that

In a Press Release issued to newsmen in Kaduna on Wednesday, the Convener and National President (ACSC), Engr. Dr Harris Elrasheed Jibril, disclosed that the none inclusion of prominent Arewa political Groups, youth Organisation, CSO and CBO to develop a sustainable development blue print for the Arewa Agenda may sound negatively to the region.

He added that, the interactive season which was organized to host some prominent presidential candidates in Kaduna State and held at Arewa House on 15th Oct and 17th Oct, 2022 in the name of interest of the Northern People and as Northerners voice, right from the beginning It was a failure, hence the ACF and only 4 others or as acclaimed the “Arewa Joint Committee “does not have the Northern People of Arewa’s Mandate to present the Arewa Agenda.

Meanwhile, the ACSC as a stakeholder and a prime consultative group in the Northern part of the country, also strongly believed that, the motive behind the event if duly consulted and signed by all concerned parties that represents a large number of people could have yield a positive result, hence the ACF or the self acclaimed Arewa Joint Committee could have more strong voices to present the Arewa mandate before the invited guests.

“We were in a deep shock coming to see that the organizers of the presidential candidates interaction season went ahead to present the Arewa agenda mandate without duly consultations from every angle, while we have much prominent Arewa political groups, Youth Organizations, CSO’s and CBO’s that might add more value to the quest if earlier contacted.”

“But to our greatest surprises was that, a lot of us were never consulted, and it comes to understanding that even within their own members, many were not duly informed of the recent progress not to talk of others outside and within the entire Northern part’s of the region, and for that, we are not accepting the earlier activities carried out to be resolutions of the Northern People Agenda, but rather a certain group accession.”

And for that, the ACSC as a consultative assembly in it own capacity and heavily represented by it convener, Dr. Harris Elrasheed Jibril, is here by condemning the recent act of Disunity, Intolerance, and Self-centered act displayed by these group and few people to achieve their own selfish desired goal in the name of the North (Arewa), and Northern People.”

“While we also condeming their action as a form of alienation and an attempt to continue same kind of activity and business as usual by these group leader claiming to be northern leaders as we wonder with who’s mandate.” Says Dr. Harris.

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