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Tuition Fee’s Hike: A Direct Attack On The Educational Career Of The Poor – Amb Gomna

Tuition Fee’s Hike: A Direct Attack On The Educational Career Of The Poor – Amb Gomna


By Usman Nasidi; Kaduna.

The Nigeria Youths Movement In Politics (NYMIP), has described the recent hike of tuition fees by the Kaduna State Government as a negative attack, sending wrong signal towards the educational background of the poor people leaving in the state and the nation atlarge.

In a statement signed by the Chairman (NYMIP) Kaduna State Chapter, Amb Shaaibu S. Gomna, explained that the kaduna state government led by His Excellency, Governor Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai should have known that Education is the key to the new Kaduna State it’s aspiring to achieve.

He added that, there are many ways one can make an impact on the world, but there is no greater impact that one can make that can revive the spread of education, and empowering people who’ll empower and teach people, who, in turn, will empower and teach more.

According to him, bringing the current economic situation in the country into perspective and taking Kaduna state as a case study, upon the slightest scrutiny, the glaring hardship in the state comes to bare, and one can easily attest the negative effects of the government going onto a sacking spree and sporadically demolishing markets in the name of urban renewal.

He said, “It’s of the belief that the government efforts is to pave ways of the development and increased IGR for the state as the government strive towards realising the dream of making the state truly the center of the North, but at the same time indirectly creating poverty, high rate of crimes and school dropouts and preventing many from going to school and universities with this outrageous hike on tuition fees. Although a commendable scholarship scheme is appropriated which helps the students learn with ease.”

“The Governor Nasir El-Rufai should also note that the hydra-headed monster of insecurity holding the nation by the scruff of the neck as a result of banditry, kidnappings and the seemingly indomitable Boko Haram hampers the government’s ability to invest adequately on education, as it should be in Kaduna state.” He Said

The chairman NYMIP Kaduna state chapter, pleaded with the state Governor Malam Nasir Ahmad and the state Education Ministry to be lenient and look thoroughly into the condition of the common man and withdraw the new tuition fee to save the future of the state and its Youths.

Finally, Amb Sha’aibu Gomna, also called on the students leaders in the state to remain calm and focused, abide by the laws and think into ways of appealing to the state government for a proper solution.

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