We are a group of serious minded businesswomen and professionals setup purposely for the support of The Jagaba Of Borgu, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s desire to move our country Nigeria forward.
We are glad our efforts have started paying off as our candidate emerged the Standard Flag Bearer of our great party the APC.
The journey to Eldorado has just began. It’s not going to be easy challenge and defeat and astute politician like the Waziri of Adamawa H E Atiku Abubakar. However, it’s also not impossible to trounce the man Atiku in the next years election.
Defeating the man Atiku requires a lot of political sagacity, wheeler dealing and much more.
Asiwaju has the capacity, the strength, strategy, wisdom and solid broad base support to succeed in our struggle. Our leader requires the assistance, support and encouragement of a very strong, intelligent and experienced person to serve as his Deputy or as the position is popularly called Vice President.
Our organisation went in to a retreat to brainstorm amongst all possible candidates our Flag Bearer may wish to consider.
We conducted a SWOT(strength, weakness, opportunity and threats) Analysis of each potential candidate and came to a conclusion that the best person for the job of Vice President is no other person than Most Distinguished Senator Kashim Shetima.
Our conclusion is based strictly on facts and not emotions or sentiments. The ideas, ideals and issues are simply clear and unambiguous.
Kashim Shetima is theoretically sound, cosmopolitan and a complete gentleman.
Kashim Shetima worked as a banker, rose through the ranks to management position thus he is extremely experienced in processes, systems, policies and procedures. These are necessary qualities a Vice President MUST possess for an effective and efficient deputy.
The centre piece of banking is confidentiality and trust. Kashim Shetima was never EVER found wanting in these key attributes that are required for a loyal, effective and efficient Deputy.
As a Governor, Kashim Shetima met Borno State in a comatose position. Systems, policies and procedures were either non existing or generally jettisoned.
Our choice candidate did all he could to get policies in place, system reestablished and processes as well as procedures to be implemented and followed to the later.
The success of Prof Zulum is largely due to the foundation laid by Kashim Shetima. Nigeria would certainly require these attributes hence Kashim Shetima is the best choice for the VP position.
Indeed to crown his suitability, Kashim Shetima is currently a Distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria! President would surely require excellent working relationships with the National Assembly. Kashim being a Senator would surely provide such assistance to our Flag Bearer.
We members of the Arewa Women For Tinubu wish to not only ENDORSE SENATOR KASHIM SHETIMA but also strongly urge our Flag Bearer to look no further in his search for a suitable deputy when and where is Kashim Shetima who has being diligent, loyal, strong pillar and above all an astute politician during the campaigns leading to the primary election.
Among all those being currently tutored to be BAT running mate, no one fits bill as much as Senator Kashim Shetima. Our dear leader, while helping to not only campaign for the actualisation of our dream of seeing being sworn on May 29 2023 as our President, we are also joining you in prayers! Our prayers and search for a decent person to be your VP has rested on Kashim Shetima. BAT our leader, we know you to be a fair, kind, equitable and above all just personality.
The North West geopolitical region or zone has produced President Buhari, in the spirit of fairness, equity and justice, the North East geopolitical region or zone should be allowed to produce the next VP in order that we would counter the possible effect of sentimental voters who may consider voting for Atiku on emotional basis. Please announce him to the media, send his name INEC and let’s the journey to Aso Rock commence in earnest.
Sa’adatu Garba Dongon-Bauchi
President, Arewa Women For Tinubu
Abuja, Nigeria
July 4th 2022

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