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We Are Taking Dauda Lawal To ICC Court – Dr Suleiman Shinkafi

A non Governmental Organization African Youth For Conflict resolution and prevention has said that they have concluded arrangement to take Governor of Zamfara state Dauda Lawal to international criminal court for failure to provide security of lives and property of Zamfara people.

Dr Suleiman Shu’aibu Shinkafi made the revelation during a press conference in Kaduna.

That the present situation in terms of security system in Zamfara state is worsening than ever before but Dauda Lawal as a Governor is just moving around from this state to another and from Nigeria to the rest of the country without considering the plight of Zamfara people.

“How can just a bandits came in their numbers and move away with students but the Governor is moving as he so wish”.

Dr. Shinkafi further revealed that the Governor said no any room for him to do any negotiations with bandits but sent some government officials sitting with the bandits , why is Dauda Lawal as a Governor is doing that?

“There are so many past governors of Zamfara state like Ahmad Sani Yariman Bakura, Abdul’Aziz Yari Abubakar, Mahmuda Aliyu Shinkafi and Muhammad Bello Matawalle all they have an experience on how they govern the state before him but no one Dauda Lawal contacted for any advise on what they did during their time as Governors, and Zamfara state is not Dauda Lawal personal property is for the millions of Zamfara indegences, Givernor Dauda Lawal should take this.

 And the  coalition of non-governmental organizations fighting for the protection of people’s rights, led by African Youth for Conflict Resolution and Prevention, has called on the Federal Government led by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to quickly take action to save the people of Zamfara State through  State of emergency in Zamfara State.

 The coalition led by African Youth for Conflict Resolution and Prevention through the mouth of Dr. Suleiman Shu’aibu Shinkafi, stated that making this call is necessary for the Federal Government to quickly take action to save the people of Zamfara State from their current situation of worsening the problems that affect their  health and property security in the state.

 “Because at a time when the security problem is affecting the people of Zamfara State, it is a matter of necessity, but Governor Dauda Lawal ignored the people that voted him into power which is not appropriate.  If Daud would have seen that such money was used to help the people with food and daily necessities, the situation would have made more sense.”

 Dr. Shinkafi went on to explain that back when Matawalle was in charge of the state, there was a period of at least nine months when there was no loss of life, which is evident to everyone.

 “Contrary to what is happening now, the people of the state are in a difficult situation of killing, stealing and kidnapping people and their property, but the one who has the right to protect them has failed to take the appropriate action.  He only travels with the people left behind the actual Zamfara indegence who are in trouble”.

 “We are here gathering the information to take to the International Court of Justice. We have a large number of people who have lost their lives and all kinds of problems with the health and property of the people of the state.

 Dr. Shinkafi told the media that there is no doubt that they will sue Dauda Lawal to the international criminal Coury (ICC) and to the ECOWAS in order to recover the rights of the people of Zamfara State, men and women, children and adults.

 “Governor Dauda Lawal said that he will not make peace with the terrorists. But then he sent his governor’s officials secretly to discuss with those who he openly said that some  He will not compromise with them, we all have the correct information about what is happening.

 “Even when the first and second world wars were fought, there was peace and reconciliation and there was a solution to the problem of the war. Therefore, we think that David was not happy with the life of the people, that’s why he did not take any action.  not about the situation they are in, even though the international court and ECOWAS are here and we will go”.

 “We also emphasize calling on President Bola Ahmad Tinubu to declare a state of emergency in Zanfara State and bring the military to control Zamfara State and ensure the safety of lives and property of the people at all levels of the State”

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